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The History of St. John the Evangelist (Stamford)

The Pioneer Years ~1820

In 1792, all the territory of Upper and Lower Canada was included in the Diocese of Quebec.  The parish of St. Mark's in Newark (Niagara on the Lake) encompassed the Niagara Peninsula.  The Reverend Dr. Robert Addison of St. Mark's ministered to the whole area, including Stamford; on occasion he conducted services in Stamford Presbyterian Church.  


With the appointment in 1818 of Sir Peregrine Maitland to the post of Lt. Governor of Upper Canada, with headquarters in York (Toronto),  a greater influx of people arrived.  The Governor did not care for York in the summer months so he chose to provide himself with a summer residence in Stamford, and called it Stamford Park.  When he and his wife settled here, more people came to form his official staff, many of whom had military connections.  The Governor saw the need for a local place of worship.


In 1820, The Reverend William Leeming was sent to have charge of the villages of Stamford, Drummondville, and Chippawa.  This was the beginning of an Anglican Church in Stamford.  

Among Peregrine Maitland's staff was Captain Robert Henry Dee who purchased property here and settled with his family.  He saw the need for a proper church building and generously gave a parcel of his land on the East side of the Portage Rd. The deed for this property bears the date of September 20, 1820.  Captain Dee also provided funds and furnishings for the new church, as did many of his staff and friends.  The church building was completed and the church dedicated in 1825.



The Building Boom: 1952-1970


By the early 1950's, it had become obvious that a period of change was upon St. John's.  Post-WWII housing was  being built in Niagara Falls and the Stamford area was the suburb with the greatest growth.  Extra Sunday services were scheduled at St. John's to cope with the influx  of new parishioners.   The plan to build a new church was begun and on March 31, 1957, the first sod was turned.  The new St. John's was dedicated on December 4, 1957.  A new Parish Hall, offices, and meeting rooms followed in 1962 after a bequest from former parishioner and warden, George E. Russell.  



150th Anniversary History Booklet (1820-1970)


 Here is a link to our 150th Anniversary History Booklet.  Enjoy it!




Cemetery Transcriptions Booklet: Burials and Marriages (1896-1916) (Adjacent to St. John's)

 Here is a link to this historical booklet.  Unfortunately, we cannot locate a copy with better type.

Find A Grave

In our 200th year (2020), one of our parishioners photographed all of our St. John's cemetery headstones and created a FIND A GRAVE profile for each of the persons listed on the headstones, including headstones' inscriptions.  


Here is a link to the Saint John's Anglican Church Cemetery at Find a Grave:   

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